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27 Weeks and Counting

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Wife A is now almost 27 weeks pregnant and the clock is rapidly ticking its way around to the due date in the middle of July. As I sit here on the couch, Kid X is asleep and Wife A is painting her nails (no easy feat with a big tummy in the way), I finally have time to think and write about the pregnancy.

We have both been incredibly busy mainly with Kid X but when you factor in renovations, Wife A’s chronic nesting and holidays it’s been a hectic couple of months.  Oh poor me LOL, every now and then I think about how tough it must be on Wife A. Then I get back to thinking about me again.

Wife A has been struggling lately, she is constantly tired and moody and I have to be really careful not to let my sharp wit out too often. My usual zingers are struggling to hit the mark and only seem to add to the bad mood. Kid X has more often than not been tiring her out both physically and emotionally and seems to have taken the energy Wife A has lost and is using it to go for a little while longer.

Wife A also has been struggling to sleep, not due to me for a change, but due to a sore tailbone. Add to that a barking dog and possum on heat and the chances of catching up on sleep is next to zero. Once again this is all about me, it’s even waking me up too. I try not to be cranky but it’s hard at 2am.  It won’t be long before my most despised pregnancy friend comes back, the giant pillow. I get pushed to the side of the bed and this is really annoying. Wife A is more concerned with imminent Carpal Tunnel, toughen up Wife A.

Nesting has also surfaced, for the uninitiated this is where the mum to be wants to get organised. Renovations are a bit of a symptom, as are e-bay purchases, cleaning (heaps and heaps of cleaning), shifting stuff out to the shed and rearranging rooms at least 10 times. Oh and the timing of rearrangements, warning dads to be it can come on at any time day or night.  I have not had to move so much furniture in all my life.

Then there is the stress that seems to mounting on her like pregnancy mounts on her tummy. There are so many things we need to do before the baby arrives. With Kid X we were ready for the arrival by about now. Instead we haven’t picked a name, moved Kid X out of the nursery, brought a new car seat, downloaded the MCC membership form (high on Wife A’s stress list for sure) etc. This stress is also stopping her sleeping too.  I am a bit more relaxed about this stuff except for the download the MCC membership form, I will do that tomorrow.

As a matter of fact I will do that right away, gotta get your priorities right.

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