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The Easter Dummy….

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This Easter we made a decision to put our Child into rehab- Dummy rehab. Yes like most parents we had the best intentions when we first introduced the dummy. It was a device that brought us desperately needed sleep.

However, over the last 12 months since the sleeping has settled right down the dummy has become a nuisance. Kid X has not been able to sleep or settle without it. From the moment she wakes up to the moment she goes to sleep, she craves the dummy.

Breaking her out of this habit was always going to be a tough task. So we decided to take advantage of the good name and reputation of the Easter Bunny and make this poor little creature the fall guy for taking the dummies. Well not exactly take them, more swap them.

The Easter Bunny managed to swap the Dummies for a couple of small Easter Eggs and a Mr Potato Head toy. Maybe he cut some sort of deal with Santa.

Kid X had been prepped for a week or two prior to Easter Saturday or Judgement Day as Wife A and I called it. The idea slowly sunk in and it was not really a big drama getting Kid X to collect up all the dummies (there were plenty of these located all over the house).

Putting her to bed was another thing. We put her down at 7pm and she finally stopped screaming for her dummy friend at about 9pm when she fell asleep. This was one of the toughest periods of our parenting life to date. She wanted the Dummy so much, she was really upset and it was so hard not to give in, but we made it through. Many thanks to those on Facebook who wished us luck and gave us support.

Kid X woke up at 6:38am on Easter Sunday. This was actually a good result for us as she slept through. Today has been a struggle with a mix of post chocolate apocalyptical high and lack of soothing dummy, but we are slowly getting through.

Hopefully tonight it will be a little less of a struggle and within a couple of days we will be Dummy free. 

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