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There’s a bear in there and a lot of “nos” as well

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On Tuesday I took a day off to take Kid X to the Playschool concert at the Ivanhoe Town Hall. It lead to one of those rare parenting moments that help you understand why you put up with all the crying, screaming, being told to go to work and being ignored when you come home after a stressful day at work.

No, the moment wasn’t any of the obvious ones at the concert. It wasn’t watching Kid X smile, dance, sing the wrong words or say hello to every one of the soft toys that made this moment. It wasn’t the fact that I actually found myself having a great time and laughing at the comic stylings of Jai Lagaia . The moment came when I noticed, all of sudden, sitting on the floor with a slightly dead leg, how much Kid X had grown up and developed.

For me it was a developmental milestone. Kid X had moved from being a baby who was happy to sit there and watch us, into a little person with a distinct, unique personality. Kid X has now developed a sense of humour and more importantly she is an individual with a high level of comprehension. Comprehension of what’s happening around her and she is starting to develop a sense of what she likes and what she doesn’t.

The last time I noticed a developmental jump was just after her 1st Birthday when she started to talk a little bit more. Both of these jumps have corresponded with a few bad nights sleep, it’s almost like the disturbed sleep is growth related, not physically but intellectually and emotionally.

When these moments occur I have been in a setting like the concert where I have had a chance to watch Kid X being a kid.

With each incremental development comes a darker side too. In the days since the concert I have been subjected to 3500 “no daddy”, “mine”, “shoo fly daddy” and “come mum come” whenever I suggest we do anything or I ask Kid X to do something. This response has not been exclusively directed at me, mum has had her fair amount of refusals as well. It’s the first time that we have had our boundaries pushed and, like all parents, we have a wobbly defence shield. Usually we don’t have very strong resistance after work or after dinner.  I guess we will learn like all parents do, how best to get Kid X to do what we want.

As with most parenting related issues there are always two sides to everything, in this case the nos are a good indication of the development of a personality and growth. I look forward to the next developmental milestone.

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