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17 Weeks and Counting

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Wife A is now 17 weeks pregnant and I thought it was about time to give an update on how it is going. Luckily for her, and in turn me, most of Wife A's morning sickness has subsided and apart from the grumpiness, sore boobs and living with Mr Messy and Little Miss Spill-a-lot, she is doing very well. We are both eagerly awaiting the next stage of pregnancy- indigestion and carpal tunnel. 

This pregnancy is so much different to Kid X. Kid X's pregnancy was so slow and seemed to last forever. We were both excited to be having a healthy pregnancy, to the point that it made us both anxious. This slowed down everything, I seemed to have spent a lot more time thinking about what would the baby be like, what would the labour be like, how would I cope, how would we cope, how would I go at doing the basics such as changing nappies etc.

Kid Y's pregnancy has to date been very different, we both know a fair bit about what will happen throughout the pregnancy and are probably a lot calmer than with Kid X. We have some idea what the labour will be like (Kid X’s labour seemed much easier than I thought it would be*) and I know we can sorta cope with a new baby (only just) and I know (well I think I do anyway) the basics. One thing I haven't learnt is not to make any jokes about labour (the words easy and labour should never go together in a sentence).

The time is flying past in Kid Y's pregnancy; the last 5 weeks have been a real blur. Instead of the pregnancy being our sole focus we find ourselves trying to juggle being an attentive parent to Kid X, renovating, sleeping and keeping the endless pile of dishes and washing under control.

We are also mentally panicking, I put this down to the fact that we both know too much now. Sure we kind of know what to expect but we also know that there is a fair bit of stuff we have to do to prepare for the new arrival. We know how important it is to have things in place before the baby arrives. We know if there is anything we want done around the house to do this now or we put it off for close to 2 years. We know that if you want a night off or to go to the pub with the boys now is the time to do it.

It’s made worse of course by Wife A starting to go through the nesting phase, this is by far one of the weirdest elements of pregnancy, watching your wife become more and more stressed out about setting up the best possible environment for the new child. Unfortunately nesting translates to numerous trips to bunnings, at least one trip each weekend to pick up an e-bay purchase and moving the big pieces of furniture around the lounge room on a regular basis.

*Wife A is not impressed with my joke, I know how bad Kid X’s labour was and sincerely apologise to my beautiful wife.

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