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Today was my first day back at work after 2 weeks of being a full time dad. On one hand it’s a nice change not to be singing nursery rhymes about ducks that like rain and also not having to watch some bloke with a high pitched voice have a discussion with an owl that sounds remarkably like dame Edna about the really annoying gigglemobile.

On the other hand I actually enjoyed having the time to share these experiences, to learn as much (about childhood development) as I reckon kid C is actually learning about the world, to reconnect with both Kid C and Wife A. It left me thinking - what is the real purpose of being a dad?

Is it to provide for your children and family? And if so, what is it we are actually providing? There are the obvious answers of course, such as helping put a roof over the families head, paying the bills and ensuring that our families can be as comfortable as possible which is even more valuable in these tough economic times.

For too many days since Kid C has come along, I have provided just this to the family. I have come home from work tired, grumpy and late, only to find that Kid C and sometimes (only occasionally)Wife A grumpy too*. Our time together as a family is then chaotic, frustrating and brief, which only includes tyring to stuff food in Kid C’s mouth, a quick bath and off to bed. 

I want to spend a lot more time with Kid C, but I have to consider how to do this and also provide financially for my family. It’s a big enough commitment working full time, that you want to maximise the outputs of this work both in a financial sense, but there is also the professional need that we all have to advance our career. Unfortunately despite any employers best intentions to offer a work life balance, in most cases spending extra time with the family (including simple things like leaving work on time) is simply not conducive with maximising your return on the work investment.  

Hopefully, as dads continue becoming more and more involved in parenting,  employers will start to understand the importance of family and expectations will change to reflect what we really should be providing to our family- quality time. 

*Please note that Wife A is an amazing mother and full time care of a child is the most important of responsibilities that any parent can perform. 

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  • Comment Link DonHerbarni Friday, 20 January 2012 17:56 posted by DonHerbarni

    Great stuff! Seriously. here

  • Comment Link Jennifer Thursday, 12 January 2012 22:25 posted by Jennifer

    Its a conundrum- Reseach shows though, that a Dad just needs to be in the house for the first 12 months for an irreverable bond to occur- Doesn't appear to matter how much time he is present- Just that he is..


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