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Hi, came to your blog from Bruce Devereaux's (we live in the same town as Bruce & he's hilarious as you know!) and I'm really pleased to have found you! My kids are older now but my hubby was a "house husband" for our pre & primary school years; he would have loved to know of some "kindred spirits" at the time! I could empathise with your wives in your tv interview, haha, my husband was also great at playing, reading stories, letting our daughters dress in whatever they chose (and go out in public like that!), helping at school & he did the basics of cooking & washing but...he was pretty slack about just didn't rate for him or the girls! Oh well, we survived it :) In this Anzac Day post I'm particularly touched and amazed by the strange bond forged between the enemy snipers...unbelievable! What a fantastic family story! Sadly I'm not confident that it would happen now...back then those "gentlemen's agreements" were really reliable I guess. All the best with your blog and your family :)