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Dad, I want to barrack for the Bombers

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And that one sentenced rocked my world. I was certain Kid A would be black + white for life. She knows the lyrics to the Collingwood theme song (minus the cakewalk part) so very well and for good reason, I used to sing it to her every night as she drifted off to sleep. Q thought I was singing nursery rhymes, and indeed I did but only when I knew she was close by. For Kid A to say “Dad you should let me choose my own football team. I want to barrack for the Bombers” was a bit of a shock.

I’m sure Q is behind this but nevertheless Kid A seems pretty certain this time. So I now have to focus my attention on Kid B. The Collingwood scarf comes down from Kid A’s room and goes into Kid B’s, Row Row Row your boat is now replaced with Good ol’ Collingwood, any Bombers paraphernalia will be thrown Kid A’s way, but that’s fine, as long as it’s far away from Kid B.

When I think about it, it’s probably not a bad thing.  Kid A accompanied Q and I to the Bulldogs vs Pies game, round one of the 2010 season.  She’d cringe when the siren went, ducked when people cheered, jeered or screamed ‘BALL!”, in fact she would rather walk around the outside of Etihad stadium than watch the game.  For her, the site of Wil Anderson stuffing his face with a Dominos pizza was much more entertaining than the game (actually, it was pretty good entertainment…Wil was really hungry).  On the other hand, not even two years old, Kid B is as coordinated as Kid A.  She doesn’t seem phased by loud noises, and she doesn’t even know who the Bombers are….but she’ll soon know who Good ol’ Collingwood are.  If things go to plan I’ll be taking B to the footy with me whilst A will be home with mum, and vice versca – I can live with that.  One thing that wont change, the pooch is black + white forever…just like me.

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