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Warr-nneyy - Shane Warne The Musical

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Chubba & Bucky chat over a beer about their upcoming date night - Shane Warne The Musical at Hamer Hall (Arts Centre Melbourne) on June 20. it's the first ever TackleNappy Date Night. Bucky & Chubba can't wait to see this multi-award winning show and all-star cast including Eddie Perfect, Lisa McCune, Shane Jacobson and Christie Whelan-Browne. I've been promised that this show is bigger and better than ever - it's been updated to include the years since Warnie's retirement from Australian cricket and his relationship with Liz Hurley. Oh, Liz aint too happy about it either (Read this - Liz Hurley takes to Twitter to slam Shane Warne: The Musical).

Bucky: Chubba, I can't wait to see Shane Warne The Musical on 20 June. What are you looking forward to most about it?

Chubba: Seeing how they incorporate text messaging into the show. You?

Bucky: I'm looking forward to receiving a can of baked beans and a pack of Winnie Blues when we walk through the front door.

Chubba: I hope there is beer there at the theatre, but I will settle for some of your scorched nuts Bucky. I love a good bit of theatre and I have heard some great things about this show. Any way to keep the legend of Warney going?

Bucky: Do you think they sell Orange Whips? I'm wondering whether Dickie Bird will make an appearance too, forme Umpire Dickie Bird that is?

Chubba: I hope Dickie Bird doesn't pop up during the performance. I am not sure he and Warney would have seen eye to eye. Of course Warney has had a really interesting life, texting, bowling maiden overs, taking wickets...but a musical on his life would have to be a highlight. The cast looks great doesn't it Bucky?

Bucky: I agree, I reckon Eddie Perfect could make about seven musicals just on what Warney has done to date. I'm a big fan of Eddie Perfect (yes we watch Offspring in the Bucky household) and I can't wait to see him live on stage. But I'm just as eager to see Kenny himself, Shane Jacobson. I'm wondering whether he'll squeeze any porta-loo jokes into the show.

Chubba: What about the other starlet Lisa McCune. I remember the old Blue Healer days, what an actress. She is an Aussie favourite. To think she has played Maria Von Trapp in The Sound Of Music and now she is playing Simone Warne. There are few roles more challenging but I am sure she will bring her skills to the performance.

Chubba: Lastly Bucky, what have you got planned for our date night? A night cap at the Arts Centre (the show is on Hamer Hall) followed by a romantic walk along Southbank?

Bucky: No, and this conversation is getting weird now – see you on Thursday.

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VIDEO 2 - SHANE WARNE GOES ORCHESTRAL from Bec Peniston-Bird on Vimeo.

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