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Random Thoughts Eight Months In

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We're already 8 months in with our newest family member Boo and not a day passes where I don't think up some stupid, far-fetched idea for a blog post relating to this beautiful little girl and the experiences we've shared together. Here's a bunch of random thoughts I've had recently.

The Ultimate Motivator

Struggle finding the motivation to clean your house? Get an 8 month old as then you have no choice. If you don't clean, your eight month old's diet will consist of unpopped corn kernels, dog hair and dust bunnies.

Who needs a vacuum

Someone should create baby clothes made of that Swiffer material that way when Boo commando crawls around the house, we can just pick her up every couple of minutes and brush all the dust off her clothes straight into the bin. Who needs a vacuum!!!

BooMarch2013Eight month olds can move, bloody fast

I'm wondering whether it's legal to hold a child race meet, where we pit kid against kid in a race for dads mobile phone. $50 on Boo!

Dinner time gene

I dunno how it's possible, but Boo know's when it's dinner time. No matter how long she's been asleep, no matter how late or early we serve dinner, she will wake up and cry the moment you sit down to stuff your face full of chicken snitzel and potato gems. I can't believe modern science hasn't worked this out yet. Imagine if we could pinpoint the gene that wakes you up when food's being served. We could reverse it and make people fall asleep when dinner is ready. Sure, a lot of folk would end up with their head resting in a bowl of soup, but we could cure a hell of a lot of eating disorders!

Early warning detection systems

Boo is the best warning detection system going around. If there's a hazard of any sort Boo will spot it and head straight for it, every time. Don't believe me, place your 8 month old in the middle of the lounge room and leave a power point exposed to the naked eye. I'm willing to bet my left one that said kid will head straight for it, alerting you to the impending danger.

Free prophylactic

So it mightn't occur as much as it did, but any time the biggets bed in the house starts to do the harlem shake, Boo will stir and wake up. Guaranteed. Ever tried to stop the harlem shake mid-way through? Not easy, it's even harder to restart again. I guess Boo doesn't want siblings.

Now if you'll excuse me, it's late and I'm gonna go find the bed to see if it's shaking tonight, wopa harlem style.

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