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Happy 10th Anniversary Quigs

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Today marks 10 years to the day since I married the greatest women on the world. And she is just that, the world's greatest women.

How would I describe Quigs? A family-oriented women with a heart of gold who makes compromise after compromise to ensure family comes first. An intelligent professional with amazing business smarts and a determination to succeed that I only wish I could emulate.

It's funny when I think back to that gorgeous day ten years ago. I have never been so nervous in my life, standing in front of 150 close friends and family, waiting for my bride to turn up. Why was I nervous when I was certain this was the right thing to do? There wasn't another person on this planet that I'd rather spend my life with, not even that semi-clad model adorning the front of Ralph magazine.

Maybe I have been that nervous before, the day I proposed to my gorgeous girlfriend. We were on a work trip and had stopped at Cape Bridgewater, a coastal town just around the corner from Portland. We found ourselves walking hand-in-hand along the coast, looking at seals playfully riding the waves, with hardly a sound to be heard but the waves of the sea and some annoying sea bird scurrying in the bushes beside the path. Once we reached this point of the walk I realized this was the place. I scooted back to the car and grabbed the ring which I had purchased a month or two before. I can't really remember much from that point onwards, other than the look of 'holy-shitness' on Quigs face, a look that stayed with her for a good hour or two - it's safe to say she didn't see it coming. After that we returned to our hotel room and excitedly....called all our friends and family and let them know the good news.

We realized shortly after that we create gorgeous kids. Like Bucky & TeeVee snacks, there was no way we could stop after just one so we decided to have another two. We have three amazingly gorgeous girls who consume 92.5% of our waking time, the other 7.5% we spend watching Offspring, Packed To The Rafters, and doing the dishes. As a mother Quigs is amazing, keeping abreast of the latest tools, Cape Bridgewater 1techniques and products, researching like she was writing a thesis. The downside of this is that Quigs knows when a better car seat hits the market, and for our kids safety we must have it. Honestly I can't count the amount of strollers and car seats we have stashed in the garage...no joke. Quigs is a first class mum, ensuring our kids have all the love they need, and instilling in them all the important values that we believe they need to grow up to be first class adults themselves, just like their mum.

As a wife, Quigs is patient and loving, with loads of patience, and a little bit of patience to go with it. She gets frustrated with my inability to keep my side of the bedroom clean, she'll roll her eyes when I ask her for the second time this week whether I can wash the brown towels with black towels. She'll bite her tongue, wanting to correct me because the towels are in fact blue not black...apparently. But all in all, she's the greatest companion a guy could have and I love her with everything I have.

Happy Anniversary Babe.

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