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My First Time

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On the seventh day of Christmas Aussie Daddy Bloggers gave to me...My First TIme.

What a pleasure it has been in working with a group of insanely talented daddy bloggers as part of the Aussie Daddy Blogger Advent Calendar Challenge for 2012. For those of you not in the know, us Daddy Bloggers have united and we're bringing you a blog post at roughly 8pm each night until Christmas.

LogoTopics have been chosen by our loyal readers, and the awesome Crash Test Mummy helped in randomly distributing the topics to each of us. Unlike my good friend Chubba who wrote a very entertaining thesis on the Structural Integrity of Weetbix, a topic I would have found difiicult (and simply a MUST READ), I've been handed a doozy of a topic in "My First Time".

I can have so much fun with this. Do I take the sensible approach and write about our first pregnancy, our first born, the first nappy...etc? Being a Daddy Blogger I kind of feel obliged to. Do I reveal all about our first kiss or first date? Do I write about what most people expect me to write about - sex or something along those lines? What I have done is embraced the Christmas spirit and written a rather festive poem based on 'Twas The Night Before Christmas.


'twasn't The Night Before Christmas


'twasn't the night before Christmas, not Boxing Day or New Years,
But it was an event that deserved its three cheers.
I'm not talking 'bout weddings, Bar Mitzvahs, Deb' Balls,
I'm not referring to Bucks nights, and not my first born.

If you're still thinking festive and baubles and gifts,
Then think about something else, you're givin' me the shits.
I'm referring to that night, that one to remember,
And NO, for the last time, it wasn't in December!

I remember it well, that night in October,
I was nervous as hell, my girl was coming over.
I was but a young buck, in high schools final year,
Wasn't allowed to drive a car, never legally drank a beer.

I was pimply but bulletproof, at least that's what I thought,
I could talk the talk, and thought I could walk the walk.
But back to that night that would change me forever,
I felt like Happy Days' Fonz only without the leather.

We had planned this night together, my chicky and I,
We were well prepared for this very special night.
The pizza was ordered, the chick flick was playing,
My parents were going out – for which I was praying.

I'd been waiting for this moment for quite some time,
About to try something new, it was my time to shine.
My parents departed, then the pizza arrived,
I was ready to create history and tell stories of how I survived.

And now for the moment, time for the main feature,
This was the first time I'd ever, had anchovies on pizza.


(You didn't really expect me to tell you about the first time I had sex did you? That would be terribly cliché!)


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Bucky is a proud triple dad to three girls aged eight and under (Bookworm, Foghorn and Boo). He left the full time corporate world in late 2012 and he's not sure whether he's a SAHD or a WAHD, but either way he's spenidng more time at home with his family. Once upon a time Bucky played guitar for a garage band, now he can only play nursery rhymes.

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  • Comment Link Bucky Sunday, 23 December 2012 14:41 posted by Bucky

    Tork, maybe you should follow up your Advent Calendar blog with a 'My First Time' blog. :)

  • Comment Link Bucky Sunday, 23 December 2012 14:35 posted by Bucky

    And your support has been just as awesome. Thanks Mumabulous.

  • Comment Link Bucky Sunday, 23 December 2012 14:31 posted by Bucky

    LOL Laney, the pizza was good, but not climactic..if that's a word. ;)

  • Comment Link Tork Sunday, 23 December 2012 09:22 posted by Tork

    I'll share my first time.. Proclamation day. ..and did I proclaim it! The ironic part is I'm sure she probably didn't hehehehe *sigh*

  • Comment Link mumabulous Sunday, 23 December 2012 08:26 posted by mumabulous

    Aussie Daddy bloggers are an Axis of Awesome.

  • Comment Link Laney | Crash Test Mummy Saturday, 22 December 2012 21:50 posted by Laney | Crash Test Mummy

    Ha ha! Not the climax I was expecting ;)

    Sorry I missed your post! I hardly ever know what day it is.

  • Comment Link Bucky Thursday, 20 December 2012 23:37 posted by Bucky

    I know, who has feta on a pizza anyway. Maybe you need to guest blog in response? Fang?

  • Comment Link Bucky Thursday, 20 December 2012 23:29 posted by Bucky

    Ah JP, you may be onto something there!

  • Comment Link Fang Thursday, 20 December 2012 22:38 posted by Fang

    You liked anchovies, I liked Feta.
    No wonder it didn't work out. ;)

  • Comment Link Justin P Bechtold Thursday, 20 December 2012 21:49 posted by Justin P Bechtold

    Unless of course, "anchovies on pizza" is a euphemism?

  • Comment Link Bucky Thursday, 20 December 2012 21:35 posted by Bucky

    Glad you like the picture. It was just too hard to find a pic of pizza with anchovies on it, so I had to settle with this one.

  • Comment Link Bucky Thursday, 20 December 2012 21:34 posted by Bucky

    Thanks, it was a trickier topic that it seemed. :)

  • Comment Link Caroline Thursday, 20 December 2012 21:10 posted by Caroline

    Very clever

  • Comment Link not telling Thursday, 20 December 2012 20:32 posted by not telling

    nice picture


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