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TeeVee Snacks!!!!!!! TeeVee Snacks!!!!!!!

It's common for me. I'll be sitting in front of the laptop googling all kinds of stuff relevant to parenting, trying to find something interesting that may stimulate conversation amongst the TackleNappy community on the interwebs. Tonight I'm having more trouble than normal. Perhaps it's because I'm tired (sitting up writing until 1:30am tends to do that), maybe it's because my mind is elsewhere with Kid C being generally unwell and pissed off at the world. One thing I know, the thought of eating chocolate is dominating my thoughts.

You could be forgiven to think this is a tongue-in-cheek piece of writing, but I assure you it's not. My beautiful wife Q decided to cut sugar out of her diet. She was inspired by Sarah Wilson and her I Quit Sugar book/ebook. Q has told me all about it and in between drinking coffee, sucking sugar cubes and tearing the pantry apart I've taken in a few points. This certainly isn't a book review but I'll give you basic facts that have sunk into my skull.

  • Sugar is evil, particularly those ending in 'ose' with Fructose being the ultimate "Dr Evil".
  • Derived from fruit, fructose has limited benefits for the body. It transforms from sugar straight to body fat, whereas glucose converts to energy. Fructose also doesn't satisfy one's appetite very well, so you could eat it all day and still feel hungry.
  • Eating a piece of fruit is OK because you're also consuming enough good things, like fibre, to breakdown the fructose. Drinking fruit juice is like a WMD for your body as it's basically concentrated fructose.
  • Apparently, a century ago old Percy and Ethel hardly ate sugar, however they ate a glutimus maximus load of fat... and guess what, obesity wasn't a problem. These days we eat diets low in fat which strips the food of taste, so what do we do, we add sugar to everything to counteract the lack of taste.
  • So accordingly to Q, sugar is in practically everything we eat. Just through food additives we're eating something like 30 teaspoons of sugar a day on average, where the recommended intake is 6 teaspoons for a mummy blogger, and 9 teaspoons for a daddy blogger.

Sarah Wilson, if you read this please go easy on me, I haven't read the book... I was too busy searching for chocolate in the pantry.

So back to Q, she has coffee white with no sugar, doesn't touch cakes, sweet biscuits, raspberry lemonade or vanilla coke. To her capsicum seems like the sweetest thing on earth. This is all good and well for Q, she's done an amazing job resisting temptation, and she's really happy with the results.

TeeVeeThreeMe on the other hand. I find I'm craving sugar, particularly chocolate, pretty much from the time I finish dinner. Once everyone's gone to bed you'll find me manically rummaging through the pantry in the hope of miraculously finding a Freddo Frog which perhaps I missed the last time I rummaged through the pantry (probably an hour prior). When I can't find a Freddo in the cupboard, and when all the cooking chocolate has been devoured, and there's not a sweet biscuit in sight, I first eat the kids Zooper Doopers, then I'll have some cordial (strong), next I'll grab a teaspoon of Nutella –straight (if by some miracle there's some in the pantry).

Now this is where I really air my dirty laundry and this is also probably the point where your mind starts to move from "I can kinda understand how he's feeling" to "this guy is ultra pathetic". I think I'm actually admitting that I'm a binge chocolate eater.

  • When I go shopping alone I'll buy a chocolate bar and eat it in the car before I get home. I'll sneak the wrapper straight in the bin so Q can't see it.
  • I'll buy a block of chocolate and hide it in my bedside table, at the back of the pantry... anywhere I think Q won't come across it.
  • I've snuck over to mum and dad's house (they live real close) and stole their chocolate when they're not home. No other reason for the visit other than to steal their chocolate.

Of course I do all these things for Q. I don't want to encourage her to eat chocolate again and if it's in her face then she might just be tempted. The things I do for my wife... now that's love.

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