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Life As An Eight Year Old

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My little girl isn't so little any more, turning eight yesterday. So what's it like being an eight year old in today's world? I'm going to hazard a guess, but really I'm hoping my 'little' girl will join TackleNappy and write her own article on the subject (watch this space).

As an eight year old –

  • Being popular is everything. You'd rather go to school without completing your maths homework but be able to tell your friends that you've reached level 217 of World Zombie Head Crusher Domination IIII 3D on the DS.
  • Your popularity is rated based on how many Smiggle erasers you have in your pencil case.
  • Your friends are starting to show interest in the opposite sex. You sort of understand this and sort of don't, but you go with the flow anyway and find yourself screaming, whilst pointing at your best friend "she/he likes you" (not too dissimilar to my nightclub efforts in my twenties now I think about it).
  • You think 'S-E-X' is a naughty word or at least you're too embarrassed to say it out loud. You dare not say 'that word' preferring to spell it out, and of course, it can only be communicated via a whisper.
  • Your younger sister is really starting to cramp your style...unless of course your friends really take to her, in which case she becomes your greatest accessory.
  • Dessert is still a right regardless of how much sugar you've eaten during the day or how late at night you ask for it.
  • You really hate that Gangnam style song, but because everybody else loves it you decide you should too.
  • No time is too late to read Harry Potter, Roald Dahl or Enid Blyton books. In fact, there's always just two pages to go until the end of the chapter at which time it's 'lights out'.
  • You still find time to say goodnight to dad, with a big kiss and hug.....anything to delay bedtime really.

I'm sure I've missed a critical point or two. If you can add to this please leave a comment. :)

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  • Comment Link Chubba Wednesday, 24 October 2012 19:11 posted by Chubba

    Great article Bucky, I know know what it is like to be an 8year old


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