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Week Seven - Bucky & Q

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Look out! Cyclone Q coming through! Morning sickness has hit, and boy has it hit.

Q isn't literally throwing up but she feels very ordinary for most of the morning. It's like she's insanely hungry but struggles to force down food. She's real tired like she's just ran a marathon and quite uncomfortable. She's frustrated because she doesn't have the energy to do the normal day-to-day things she's used to doing, be it work or a basic domestic task.

This hasn't been an easy time to be perfectly honest. The normally emotionally well–balanced Q is unusually low on reserves of patience and the kids don't have to step out of line much to get into trouble. I'm doing more around the house (some may say it's about time!) and at some stages I'm cooking dinner when I get home from work. Admittedly I've had it well in recent years because dinner is normally ready when I walk in the door - the benefit of working until at least 5pm when the kids need to be fed by 5pm. The kid's diet isn't as ideal as we'd like but that will return to normal pretty soon.

To add to the situation I've been advised by my employer that there's a cloud over my current role. So we've had to work through an unbalanced private life with the prospect of the main money earner being out of work. Essentially I need to spend more time at work to prove my worth whilst at the same time spending more time at home...computer says no - this doesn't add up. This has added extra stress and is something we could do without right now. We've already began winding down Q's business commitments (and earnings) for the purpose of simplifying life as much as we can before it starts to get difficult again.

Interests outside of work (such as TackleNappy) are suffering because I just cant find enough time to dedicate to them. I've had to be conscious of ensuring the kids are getting enough love and attention, and be sure Q is too. This means doing more in the mornings in preparation for school, and lending a hand more in regards to the evening meal and bedtime routine. Sometimes it's as simple as spending 15 minutes with Kid A or Kid B individually...but gee how precious is 15 minutes at the moment. Mostly I've just had to reassure Q that things are OK, and that they'll improve week by week, which I know they will. And right now all I can do is continue what I'm doing and ensure that an Up & Go is sitting next on Q's bedside table when she wakes up.

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