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Week Four - Bucky & Q

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"Sore boobs, sore boobs, sore boobs!" and "Sorry, I'm just so tired at the moment" are statements I'm hearing a hell of a lot. Work has been crazy for me too at the moment so I've been at home less, which is less than ideal.

So this past week I've had huge plans and haven't achieved a single one of them. I've hardly contributed around the house and for some reason Kid B has been a handful. Maybe Kid B is simply at that difficult age, maybe she senses that something is different, or maybe she's just tired...or maybe it's her mum that's tired. Kid A on the other hand has been great.

We decided not to tell the kids about the pregnancy until at least the 12 week mark. We will probably tell those who we would lean on for support if something did go wrong - a close friend or two and our immediate family. With my parents living close by there was no chance we could hide it from them. Mum and dad have been incredibly helpful at this stage of the pregnancy. They have started to come over in the morning's to help out with the morning routine – Godsend! I could dedicate an entire blog to my parents alone, and perhaps I will do that in the future, but right now I need to go get Kid's A and B out of the bath, into bed and to sleep. If I don't fall asleep in the process I might clean the kitchen too...and at least try to feel useful.

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Bucky is a proud triple dad to three girls aged eight and under (Bookworm, Foghorn and Boo). He left the full time corporate world in late 2012 and he's not sure whether he's a SAHD or a WAHD, but either way he's spenidng more time at home with his family. Once upon a time Bucky played guitar for a garage band, now he can only play nursery rhymes.

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