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Week Two - Bucky & Q

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I admit, I'm writing this on October 9 so by the time you read this article it could be ten weeks old...

Half an hour ago Q walked out of the bathroom with an 'oh shit' look on her face. Yes, she had peed on the stick and the stick responded with '1-2 weeks'. So it's official we're due mid-June. Oh shit it's official, we're due mid-June!!!  What have we done?

Really I should have known. Q has been pretty tired this last week and her libido, I'm not sure where it's gone but it's time for this game of hide and seek to end. So many things have fallen her way this week, landing two new big jobs and being accepted for a new course, of course - these times get busier at the moment you want to start simplifying things.

The pregnancy however was no accident. We had discussed this at length and had made a decision to try again some time before I wrote Kid C or Not Kid C. We considered how old we would be when a Kid C would be a teenager, impact to our careers, finances, how dynamics may change between Kid's A & B when Kid C is introduced.Kid C_2

This time around we tried something different. With two absolutely beautiful little girls inhabiting our castle we decided we'd mix things up and increase our chances of having a boy (Boags and I need the support!). We used the Shettles Method. Very good friends of ours successfully used the same method a few years ago. Check it out on Wikipedia if you want to know more about it. Being a bloke I was much more interested in the 'when can we have sex' aspect rather than the science behind it. It goes without saying, but at the end of the day the gender of the baby is not important.

Already I'm beginning to remember how this felt last time around. As I type this Q, moving through the kitchen with a breakfast of free range eggs, ham and brie cheese says "Out of my way, fat woman coming through" (OK, so Q did say this but she's far from fat, and I've stretched the truth with the breakfast). Looks like that White Castello cheese, fridge full of beers and eggs fresh from the farm are all mine!

We now need to be careful what we eat, what physical activity we do, we need to start thinking about doctors appointments, whether to go public or private, obstetricians, baby names...etc. Where the hell are the bottles, the sterilizer, do we even bother sterilizing this time, how will breast feeding go this time round, do we hire a breast pump...oh I have a headache! Why did we decide to do this again? Oh yeah, because it's worth it, we make beautiful kids,


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