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Kid C or not Kid C

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So I'm not a spring chicken any more and the good lady isn't far behind. We have two beautiful little chickadees in Kids A & B and a key decision is upon us. It's quite simple and I'll utilise the C++ stuff I learnt in Uni to demonstrate:

If Kid C = TRUE




Do I need to translate that for those who failed Information Technology at Greensborough TAFE in 1994? Oh OK "do we consider trying for a third kid?"

For the past three years Q and I have seldom discussed this. In recent weeks, however, very good friends of ours announced their pregnancy, and the discussion soon turned to whether we were willing to sell some of our nursery furniture. For me this was a simple 'Yes', let's get rid of some of the bulky things that clutter the house (and put the funds towards buying Bucky a new Maton acoustic guitar). For Q this wasn't so simple and I soon realised she wasn't hesitating just for sentimental reasons...she was seriously considering going back to the well and testing out my swimmers for a third time.

And thus, we now stand at the crossroads with a critical decision to make. My groin says "Hell yeah, let's do it" whilst my mind says "Oh shit, can I do this again" and "I'll be pushing 50 when puberty's on this kid's doorstep".

So whilst I won't tell, time will. Though I can give you a hint – if you see me walking with a little limp for a day or two, chances are I've just seen Dr Snip.

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