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Useful Stuff

Here you will find links to sites and resources that are either close to our hearts or wallets. Please follow the links noted under the heading of shameless plugs. Here you will find not only shameless plugs, but more shameless plugs. Check it out, it will make you web viewing experience all the more worthwhile.
  • Parenting Resources

    A bunch of websites that are close to our hearts and also sites that have been very useful along the way.

  • Sites we like
    We like these sites. Just 'coz.
  • Shameless Plugs

    It's not what you know but who you know, and these are people we know and like, or they've just paid copius amounts of money for us to give them a shameless plug.

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This website is dedicated to our dads! Without them we would not be the young, successful, know-it-alls we are today!

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