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My husband Bart dragged my pregnant self and my 1 year old son across the world from Holland to live in Tasmania. Just after we arrived to start our life here, I got sick and lost the baby. I felt horrible both physically and mentally. It took us a long time to get pregnant trough IVF.
Bart stood by me and took care of everything: my son, cooking and cleaning, finding us a house to rent, moving us in there and all the paperwork that comes with moving across the globe. And he talked to me intensively to make sure I could cope. He just started his new job but managed to juggle his time between work and home without complaining even tough he was hurting too.
Then, when I had my check up: surprise, surprise: I was still pregnant! It turned out I was pregnant with twins without knowing. Soon after the miscarriage, I started bleeding every day for weeks on end. We both were so worried. But our baby made it.
Our daughter Waris was born on the 23th of January. But after birth the placenta didn't come lose and I lost 3,2 litres of blood. My situation was critical and I needed surgery. While the doctors were fighting for my life, Bart was waiting in the delivery room with our newborn hoping that his wife would survive. His thoughts were with me and the kids. Just before my anesthetic I asked the doctor if I was going to die. He said: "It is a real possibility". I remember thinking: "It's all right, Bart can take care of the children, they will be fine eventually".
Of course after all this everybody's attention was focused on me. But Bart did go trough a lot too. He supported me in every way possible and is the best father any child could ever wish for. I couldn't imagine having a better partner.