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A Beer With... (7)

From time to time TackleNappy catches up for a beer with ol' mates.  We talk work, life & parenting...

Gusty winds dampen to but a breath, pouring rain fades to nothing but a light mist, the clouds whisk away like a flock of seagulls infiltrated by a hungry fox, butterfly's flutter carefree and birds sing songs more beautiful than any song heard before. A single ray of light, heavenly from above, lights up the virtual hands of Bucky as if a million suns shone together as one. Lee reaches out and receives something more valuable than gold to a poor man, more important than water to a man who has lost his way in the desert, something more beautiful than the site of land to a sailor lost at sea. Lee receives the interview questions. He looks at Bucky and pauses. After considering his words for some time, remarks "About fuckin' time".

I'm here with Lee, father to half dozen, father figure to many, but the only man in the world to ever be crowned TackleNappy's Dad of the Year.

In a very special Mother’s day edition of A beer with, we are paying homage to the person who puts up with Bucky and is only 5 weeks away from giving birth to kid C, today I'm here sharing a Quick Eze with Q.

It would take a very special person to live with our good friend Chubba. That special person is “Wife A”, the brave woman who let me give a Best Man's speech at her wedding. In this, our second Mother's Day edition of A Beer With, I'm sharing a cuppa with “Wife A”, Chubba's much better half.

In a very special edition of A beer with, we are transcending the gender divide and I'm here sharing a Chardonnay with our first ever mum, Penny Johnston from ABC Babytalk and mother of one, talking family, being a radio host and working in the MCG scoreboard.

On family...

Penny, tell us about your family.

I'm here sharing a shiraz with Danny Bishop. A friend, father of two, a man who certainly knows his wines, and someone I consider to be a pioneer of social media in the Australian sports industry.

On Business...

You've done a number of interesting things to earn a crust. From changing light globes in traffic lights to running Essendon Football Club's website and social media campaigns, to your current role with IMG. Being the most die-hard Bombers supporter I've ever met, your experience with Essendon must have been very special?

Ralph speaks about Autism

Saturday, 10 December 2011 21:11 Published in A Beer With... Written by 2 comments

I'm here sharing a coke with friend and father of two Ralph, talking family, Autism, cattle and Billy Pinnell.

On family...

Big Guy, tell us about your family.

How do you explain Aspergers and High Functioning Autism to someone who is not familiar with the conditions?

Best put simply, Autism is a spectrum of neurological disorders involving communication, social functioning and sensory issues, and Aspergers is at the Higher functioning end of that spectrum or "It's like that Sheldon guy from Big Bang Theory"

Glenn The MagicMan

Sunday, 09 October 2011 20:51 Published in A Beer With... Written by Be the first to comment!

I'm here sharing a beer with Glenn the MagicMan talking business, kids birthday parties and fatherhood.

On business...

Glenn, tell us about your business?

I’m a magician, comedian, ventriloquist and all round funny bugger specializing in family entertainment.

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