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Chubba's Pool Room

Chubba's Pool Room (108)

Welcome to Chubba's Pool Room, where you will not only find a a dodgy dart board, but many great insights on being a dad.  Just don't hit the back of the billiard queue on the wall will ya, his missus hates that.

 It’s not very often that I am compelled to rewrite an introduction to a dads diary, however after seeing some of the discussion on social media today about the suggestion that the Baby Bonus should not be paid to babies born sleeping after 20 weeks, because they thought the financial cost of losing a child were not as great as raising a child. I thought it was timely to raise further attention to the ongoing struggle of coping with the loss of a child. Believe me no amount of money can ever cover the cost of losing a child during a pregnancy.


Kid C is growing up way too fast and the latest fun filled activity is the very random tantrum. Like the greats of sport McEnroe, Williams and Jacko the vocalisation of disapproval with the umpire is not pleasant. Oh and before you ask think of the high pitched squeal of a Justin Beiber concert mixed in with the sound your fingernail makes down a blackboard. 


Apart from the ridiculous time I have to get up and go on a Saturday morning, I really value the 1.5 hours we (dad and Kid C) get to spend together when we go swimming.

Melbourne Cup Special Edition

Tuesday, 01 November 2011 21:32 Published in Chubba's Pool Room Written by Be the first to comment!


Watching the Melbourne Cup this afternoon made me think how much your life changes when you have a foal, um I mean baby. For one you no longer have the flexibility to just whack on a suit, jump on a train and head to the track, instead you have to plan out your day well in advance. Getting a babysitter on Cup day is tough, almost as tough as working out how to read the form guide, but then to know you have to front up to work the next day (not feeling the best), whilst your stable mate tends to your child (not feeling the best) is a difficult proposition.

The Sub Rule

Monday, 17 October 2011 20:41 Published in Chubba's Pool Room Written by Be the first to comment!


Being a full time dad I often feel like I have been selected in the team as the sub . Here’s what I mean, I go off to work, usually sit on an uncomfortable seat all day, occasionally I get up and have a bit of stretch then sit back down again. This goes on for most of the day, it’s not until I get home that I rip off my green vest and enter the arena.

Plastic goods brand name party

Monday, 10 October 2011 22:00 Published in Chubba's Pool Room Written by Be the first to comment!


What a weird week I have had, if going to Justine Clarke’s concert with Kid C wasn’t enough, I somehow found myself at a plastic goods brand name party. It wasn’t my doing I was just performing my fatherly duties.

Wife A was hosting a plastic goods brand name party on Saturday morning. Here is my first tip for any dad’s out there, get the hell out of there well before the guests arrive. I didn’t and to be honest I am lucky to be here telling the tale on

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