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Not much pressure on the poor old royal couple Will and Kate. It takes me back to the birth of my little princes and princess.

Except for the paparazzi and the weirdos following the royal car it was pretty much the same. The world stopped (well for me anyway), the world waited and finally after a long time spent huffing and puffing they were born. We provided updates on social media and our families waited patiently for news. There was speculation over the sex of the baby and we even had a sweepstake over the name.

I wonder if Will will (sorry I couldn’t resist) stay up the royal non strikers end or venture down to the royal throne end during the delivery. I wonder if he has chatted to Harry about it, I reckon he might have.

Like the new royal baby all my kids were born naked, they cried a lot and drank from the same royal milk machine and were wrapped in the royal muslin wrap. They lay there in there cot and well didn’t do much for the first week or so something I expect the royal baby to do too.

We all laughed when the baby did a poo and I had to clean it up. I imagine Will is going to be just as unsure about how to change a nappy as I was. I hope the royal meconiun is extra sticky.  I wonder if they will both get up to check on, feed and change the baby in the middle of the night and also how will they keep royalling if they are incredibly tired all the time.

Look the point I am trying to make and there is one here, they are normal parents, babies aren’t different because they have royal parents are. How about we publish the odd photo and like good subjects have a gander at the bub but after that let the parents be parents and get used to living with a baby. Sadly I reckon we won’t.

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