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Bucky's Trophy Cabinet

Bucky's Trophy Cabinet (33)

Open up Bucky's trophy cabinet to learn what Bucky does as a dad and how he does it.  You may find the odd sport-related rant as well...he tends to do that.

Over the past year (well alomst) TackleNappy have been broadcasting the weekly TackleNappy Radio Show via Funky Kids Radio. We've recorded twenty five shows and discussed topics as diverse as depression, domestic abuse, to swimming lessons and sex. Self-funded Funky Kids Radio has been a labour of love over the past 15 months for founders Michael and Rachel Cooper. Unfortunately the demands of running a radio station, in addition to traditional day jobs as well as raising a young family, have become too great. "It has pretty much taken one parent out of action a lot of the time and the basic APRA licence we are broadcasting under does not allow any income generation," says Rachel. "That is why we have launched a Pozible crowd-funding campaign this month to generate some support to help keep us streaming." Families can pledge and receive rewards including broadcast of special birthday stories and programming their own shows and organisations can support the campaign and receive low cost advertising packages in a growing medium.

Click here to view (and support) the Funky Kids Radio Pozible Campaign to keep Funky Kids Radio (and the TackleNappy Radio Show) On Air.

Chubba & Bucky chat over a beer about their upcoming date night - Shane Warne The Musical at Hamer Hall (Arts Centre Melbourne) on June 20. it's the first ever TackleNappy Date Night. Bucky & Chubba can't wait to see this multi-award winning show and all-star cast including Eddie Perfect, Lisa McCune, Shane Jacobson and Christie Whelan-Browne. I've been promised that this show is bigger and better than ever - it's been updated to include the years since Warnie's retirement from Australian cricket and his relationship with Liz Hurley. Oh, Liz aint too happy about it either (Read this - Liz Hurley takes to Twitter to slam Shane Warne: The Musical).

Bucky: Chubba, I can't wait to see Shane Warne The Musical on 20 June. What are you looking forward to most about it?

Chubba: Seeing how they incorporate text messaging into the show. You?

An Open Letter To A New Dad

Tuesday, 14 May 2013 09:34 Published in Bucky's Trophy Cabinet Written by 2 comments

It's one of those moments that you remember forever, when you tell your family and friends that you're expecting a baby. I still remember the warm and genuine embraces I received from my mum, dad and sister. I recall visiting friends with the sole purpose of breaking our news and thinking to myself 'they know exactly why we're here'...and of course, they acted surprised even though they weren't. Recently one of my dear friends and his partner broke the news that they are expecting their first baby and I can't tell you how happy Quigs and I are to hear the news. There's so much we want to tell them but I don't want to bore them shitless with war stories about my experiences as a father. Instead I decided to write my great mate a letter, one that he can refer back to when the time is right, and you never know, perhaps he'll write me a letter in twenty years time saying 'you were right'...actually, he's more likely to write a letter in twenty years time telling me how I could done the job better myself. But that would be OK, that's how he is and we love him for it.

Random Thoughts Eight Months In

Monday, 18 March 2013 23:01 Published in Bucky's Trophy Cabinet Written by 2 comments

We're already 8 months in with our newest family member Boo and not a day passes where I don't think up some stupid, far-fetched idea for a blog post relating to this beautiful little girl and the experiences we've shared together. Here's a bunch of random thoughts I've had recently.

Today marks 10 years to the day since I married the greatest women on the world. And she is just that, the world's greatest women.

Kids movies. They can be the ultimate baby sitter for an hour and a bit, but they can also be the ultimate torment for a parent who’s simply seen or heard a movie so frequently that you’re ready to turn the DVD into the ultimate frisbee, flingnig it across the back fence for the neighbours doberman to play with.

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