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Bucky and Chubba have been good friends for a good while.  We cheated off each other at school, picked on each others ability on the sporting field, and drank the same brand of beer at the same pub.  Not much has changed other than the fact that we're both parents now.  These days we still talk footy, attend the same BBQ's, and hang out at the Percy Beames bar in the MCC (which coincidently is where TackleNappy began).  Chubba once even bought Bucky a Boags bottle opener from the Boags Brewery - what a man.

About TackleNappy

On becoming parents, Chubba and Bucky realised that quality parenting resources targeted at men were scarce.  Sure there was the odd good book here and there but that's about it.  We found that our conversation quickly turned from footy to parenting, and we commonly spoke about our fathers and how tough it must have been for them as first time dads.  With TackleNappy we aim to create a hub for dads, a comfort zone where first time and accomplished dads can find real parenting stories written by blokes just like them.  We encourage Aussie dads to share their stories and become a part of TackleNappy, to make it their own.  Join us, TackleNappy is for you.

About Bucky

Bucky is proud triple dad to Kid's A, B and C. Not sure who they barrack for, I think kid BuckyB barracks for the Dees and Kid A fluctuates between the Bombers and the Doggies, depending on who wins. Kid C will probably have no choice but to barrack for the Pies. Bucky once paid five bucks for a hot dog and is loving spending more time at home with Kid C, his third daughter born in June 2012.

You can follow Bucky on Twitter - you can also follow his dog if you like.

About Chubba

Chubba spends his time at home wrangling Kid X (aged 3) and Baby Ernie (7 months). Chubba is a long suffering Melbourne Demons fan and has managed to sign up not only his kids to Dees Membership but also his beautiful Wife A. He is a proud dad and his most memorable parenting moments so far have been when Kid X said Go Dees and when Baby Ernie played with his little footy for the first time (not a metaphor), oh and all the walking, talking, development stuff too. Chubba likes long walks on the beach, beer and candlelight dinners (Bucky stop editing my Profile) Chubba Profile


About Web Babble

Web Babble make simple websites for small businesses, and they do it damn well. In this case they made a small website for two simpletons...and we LOVE IT! A very special thank you to Web Babble who cut through our babble to deliver our site on time and budget, even if we didn't have all our content finalised.

If it wasn't for Web Babble, we would be still drinking beer discussing the idea - oh hang on we did that last Saturday night.

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TackleNappy is dedicated to...

This website is dedicated to our dads! Without them we would not be the young, successful, know-it-alls we are today!

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